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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is this site? Who is it for?

    Read the left hand side of this page.
  2. How does the site work?

    Ok, for example, if you are a programmer looking for a designer to help you with one job, you would create a listing with the appropriate info. Then, designers would come by your listing and if they are interested, they will make an offer. Basically, an offer is them saying "I'd like to do this job". However, they may also have any questions, such as "Do I have to use Photoshop?" or "Can I get paid a little more?". Check your offers once in a while. If you see an offer that you like (i.e. you look at the designers portfolio and you like it), you click "Accept Offer". Then you may choose to trade emails or IM usernames with your partner or use this site for communication.
  3. Who can join this site?

    • Programmers/Web Developers
    • Graphic/Interface Designers
    • Content Writers
    • Web Entrepreneurs
  4. What's your Privacy Policy? What information do you collect?

    Apart from the information you provide us during registration, we collect other things such as browser and operating system info for statistics purposes. We will never sell, rent, or in any way disclose any of the information we collect from you on this site.
    By default, none of the users of this site will be able to see your email address. However, if you accept anyone as your friend, they will be able to see your email address.
  5. I got an error — what do I do now?

    Send an email to errors@programmermeetdesigner.com with the URL of the page, the error and possibly how to recreate that error. We'll try to get it fixed as soon as possible.
  6. I did the job, but my partner isn't paying me! What do I do?

    Report your partner here. We will investigate your case. If the person fails to pay you, we will ban their account, email and IP. There have been no reports to date, however ProgrammerMeetDesigner only acts as a meeting ground; the site is not responsible for lost payment.
  7. My question's still not answered! What do I do?

    Send in your question to faq@programmermeetdesigner.com