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BBCode Guide

You may use strict BBCode to style your profile's description section. Here are the BBCode tags you are allowed to use. Please note that BBCode tags must always be lowercase.

BBCode Tag Example Result
[list] and [item] [list]
  • PHP
  • MySQL
[img] [img]http://programmermeetdesigner.com/etc/tree_picture.png[/img]
[b], [u], [i] I know [b]PHP[/b] [i]and[/i] [u]MySQL[/u]. I know PHP and MySQL.
[url], [mail] You can view my website [url="http://kasrak.com"]here[/url] or [mail="contact@kasrak.com"]email me[/mail]. You can view my website here or email me.
[color], [size] [color="red"][size="150%"]Big Red Text[/size][/color] Big Red Text